Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Taming of the Shrew Opens Next Week

There's much activity afoot this week. Lighting instruments are hung daily, costumes and props completed, scene painting aplenty on an incredible set, and daily rehearsals. Our company of 43 technicians and actors have logged in many hours of time on the production (our rehearsal schedule is close to 90 hours--though not everyone is called for each rehearsal).

Already, we are adding sound cues to our process, which adds a real spice to our work. Michael Seward has assembled a total design of 50 cuts, including pre-show and intermission sounds.

On Sunday we have our first dress rehearsal--an exciting visual and sensual feast of lighting, sound and costumes.

It takes teamwork to pull off a production of this complexity. And our students do this on a consistent basis. Our program engages over 3,000 each season, all in the context of our creative scholarship--students, faculty and staff working together. We'll have more photos shortly.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Southeastern Theatre Conference

Work continues apace on Taming of the Shrew! The huge set for the play progresses daily, costumes are selected and altered, we add new layers within individual scenes, props are designed or purchased. In the midst of our brew of activity, a number of students are also preparing to participate in the State Screening Auditions for the Southeastern Theatre Conference (SETC).

SETC is an amazing organization, supported by a 4,000 plus membership, numerous volunteers, and an incredible staff at its Central Office. For many students, SETC is a significant path for finding professional opportunities to work in the theatre. The largest organization of its kind, SETC also offers a Job Contact Service for students and professionals, Graduate School Auditions, and much more.

This March, members of the Miss Julie Company will conduct a presentation on our recent Edinburgh Fringe Project at the Chattanooga Convention. This annual March event is an exciting salad of distinguished theatre luminaries, workshops, staged readings of new works, Play Festivals, and more. It is a luminous celebration of our art form--and a real connection for
students who are ready to make the leap to summer opportunties, and further study.

You can take a look at SETC's diverse offerings at http://www.setc.org/