Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Intern :)

Summer vacation? Hah. I'd rather spend my summer working at Red Mountain Theatre Company.

As summer was approaching, I knew I wanted a change of scenery and a break from the "school" setting; yet I still wanted to be completely immersed in theatre.... as per usual. So I signed myself up for interning at Red Mountain Theatre Company, a local professional, non-profit theatre in Birmingham. I had worked with RMTC as a kids several times, and thought why not! I figured I would be doing typical intern duties (i.e. coffee runs, cleaning jobs no one wants to do, and running errands everywhere) but boy was I in for a surprise. While I am still making the coffee runs, and cleaning grimy closets no one has touched in years, I am also getting to experience first-hand how a professional company runs, operates, and produces it's shows.

I feel like I have already learned so much. Just to touch everything here are some of the things I've gotten to take part in.... season auditions, ticket sales, marketing and advertising, event planning, development and non-profits, workshop performances, and rehearsals.... just to name a few. A lot of my work has also been focused on their summer workshops (summer camps provided for youth which include instructors from all over the U.S. for training in dance, theatre, music... etc.) I have also gotten to witness the production build, concepts, and ideas for their upcoming production of HAIRSPRAY. Watching how production meetings are held is so interesting because it really shows how all the different areas come together to produce this show.

The season auditions and workshop performances have probably been the highlight of my time at RMTC. It is so interesting to learn all of the steps to run an audition and how much has to be done before they even take place. Every single detail and step is important, and now more than ever I see how important it is that everyone does their part in order for a smooth event.

This experience is letting me see a completely different side of the theatre than I have seen before; yet I relate everything I have done at BSC to what I see being done at RMTC. Cheesy as it sounds... it really makes me appreciate and understand why everything I'm learning at BSC is so important.

So in the midst of endless ticket sales, the forever broken copier, and scripts, scripts, and more scripts I am going to keep you updated about my time at RMTC and all that I am getting to learn.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer :)

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