Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Edinburgh Bound

Thanks for checking out BSC Theatre's blog site and sharing our Edinburgh Fringe Festival Experience with us. Over the summer, you'll have an opportunity to hear from Theatre students and faculty as we rehearse and perform our world premiere of Miss Julie. As many of you know. the Fringe Festival is largest and most diverse performing arts festival in the world. Check out the Fringe site at http://www.edfringe.com/ We make our debut on August 3rd, so please stay with us for continual updates and photos!

Theatre is perhaps the most collaborative of all art forms. The Miss Julie Project includes a company of six very talented students: designers, actors and technicians working on all aspects of the production with four faculty and staff members. One of the unique aspects of our process is that we are truly working together to create this experience for our audience--right down to planning the daily schedule together.

Please feel free to post your comments and questions as we share our adventures with you.

Alan Litsey, Professor of Theatre
Birmingham-Southern College Theatre Program

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