Saturday, July 28, 2007

Miss Julie's Podcast Debut

Recently, I joined the 21st century. How? Well, recording podcasts with BSC Theatre alumn Trey Tatum and Scott McCellan. Trey, who begins the graduate program in Playwriting at Pace University this fall, created the site a couple of months ago. It is located at with an ever-expanding collection of podcasts, transcripts and more. At brassringwriting you will find links to the podcasts, including a discussion of the Miss Julie adaptation entitled The Julie of the Nile.

The site focuses on playwriting, but given the interdisciplinary nature of theatre, student actors, technicians, designers and directors may find topics of interest as well.

In future weeks, you will find more podcast discussions with BSC Miss Julie company members. Early next week, hear a talk about the design process with Matthew Mielke (Professor of Theatre), Patti Manning (Costume Designer in Residence) and Nikki Craft (Senior Theatre Major and Co-Costume Designer on Miss Julie).

If you are following our blogs, we would love to hear your comments or suggestions. Blogs from students, photos, and even movie diaries are upcoming from Edinburgh, Scotland. Our flight arrives on August 1st, allowing us to ready for our opening on the 3rd. We'll keep you posted!

Alan Litsey, Professor of Theatre

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