Friday, August 10, 2007

Joanna at the Fringe

Joanna is an intriguing play by Neil Brand playing at The Jazz Bar--the most inviting venue I've attended at the Fringe. It is a comfortable, cool, and charming space with loads of history.

Brand adapted the play from a from his radio play. Here's the description of the story form the web site: "One grand piano. One secret. Joanna tells her tale of being encased in wood for a century, revealing more than just a few notes… "

Joanna's "notes" play on the connection between art and human experience, the ephemeral nature of it all, the fragililty of magic, and its importance in our lives.

The talented young company share the story with passion, pathos and humor. It was a delightful hour of theatre.

We have two more performances of Miss Julie, so more "flyering" for us--and we're hoping to catch some more good productions as well.


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