Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Hello blog viewers,

Anais and Spurge here wanting to drop by and pump you up about the big song and dance number at the end of Taming--it's awesome. Barclee came up with some pretty cute stuff, and who doesn't feel good when they hear...well, we'll let it be a surprise.

Anais and I conned our way into being on the balcony; sike! No, seriously, we did. Basically, I wanted to be up there and since Anais just wants to be like me, she asked to be up there, too. I don't know why, though--I dance better than she does. (In case you didn't know, Anais has been trained in classical ballet since she was four, and I have trained front of my mirror when I'm getting ready.)

Okay, I'm admitting it, Spurge is right-SHE'S THE BEST. The choreography for the Shrew is really depicting of the time period! Barclee gave us a lot of great things to work with and kind of make our own. Not only will the audience experience it in the end but also in the lobby before the show (which is a really nice touch). The dancing truly does add so much to the overall feel of the play. It has a way of bringing us all together not only as characters in this classic with a twist, but as an ensemble and family that is the Birmingham-Southern theatre department. There is no doubt that the audience will leave grinning. Let's face it...all you need is love. Peace out...yet another 60's reference for you.

Enough of our ramblings. It's important to know that all of Shakespeare's plays ended with big dance numbers, and this is our version of that. Come hang with us Thursday -Saturday at 7pm or Sunday at 2:30 to enjoy some ridiculously awesome fun and exciting entertainment. Hey, we don't live in that theatre for nothing!

Spurge and Anais

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